Go beyond the usual form, allow yourself extraordinary comfort.

Magnam means big, huge! Just as great is the comfort and fun of sailing this yacht, it gives a sense of solidity in workmanship and safety while traveling.
We know how and why, for many sailors who love wind and water, the comfort of sailing and life on a yacht is important. The point is to be able to focus
on what is important to us, to get as much fun from sailing as possible! Therefore, we attach great importance to the possibility of enjoying peace during
long and short journeys and the pleasure of using the tasteful, stylish interior of the yacht. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, the Magnam can be easily guided on the water, and the stunning hull line delights even the most discerning sailors.

The most important features of the yacht:

– classic hull line in a contemporary design
– modern, tasteful, spacious interior
– the central part of the yacht is a large and comfortable mess with a well-equipped galley
– separate, closed fore and aft cabin
– large sanitary cabin with toilet and shower
– excellent living conditions for the crew
– design category B or C depending on the method of ballasting
– excellent yacht ventilation
– safe, ergonomic cockpit with high backrests, equipped with a closed aft platform that protects against accidental falling
out and at the same time provides a perfect place for a bath
– easy access to all the on-board accessories necessary for sailing
– an organized galley and a mess room creating a space for feasting
– plenty of storage space
– the ease and pleasure of sailing

TES 28 Magnam, depending on the finish, is intended for:
-2-4 people in the owner version

-6-8 in the charter version

The yacht is available in the following version:
– swing keel
– false keel
– fixed keel



8,18 m


2,98 m


from 3500 kg

Ballast/Swing keel/Swing centerboard

880 / 120 kg


0,46 / 1,63 m

Number of berths



1,87 m

Mainsail/Jib from

21,3 / 14,5 m²

CE Category


Engine power

max 22,1 kW