About us

About us

About us

It’s ALL about FREEDOM!

Freedom is boldness!
The boldness to follow a dream. The dream in our case is woven of wind and water.
The courage to dream and pursue dreams is the secret of freedom,
as “freedom is the secret of happiness” (Thucydides).

A person who can dream seeks freedom at various points in time and space. Sometimes he closes the pages of the books he reads, sometimes he drifts away to the sounds of music that open his mind, other times he travels by motorcycle on the stunningly beautiful roads of the North or reaches frosty Alpine peaks. We discovered our way to freedom in the harmony of creating beautiful yacht structures. They allow us to stop time, teach us to be attentive to the beauty of nature and keep a child’s excitement at the moment when the wind fills the sail and the boat starts to glide slightly on the wave.

The combination of the passion of a Renaissance man – designer, constructor and sailor, founder of the TES YACHT brand, Tomasz Siwik – with the huge potential of a team of experienced sailors, current brand leaders, results in the creation of works of nautical art – TES 246 Versus, TES 28 Magnam or the absolutely unique TES 550.

Based on timeless constructions and 40 years of experience and thanks to knowledge and critical thinking, we have created a boutique shipyard that brings to life these models full of beauty and grace. The shipyard itself has been producing yachts in Drzewica continuously for several decades, and the company’s headquarters is located in Gdynia – the sailing capital of Poland, a city that loves sailors and for many is a synonym for freedom.

We constantly improve the legendary constructions and equip them with the highest quality yacht jewelry. We take care of every detail of the boat, its nautical parameters and tasteful finish. The decks of our units are finished with high-quality teak wood. The wood is processed in such a way as to make it resistant to the harmful effects of external factors, especially moisture and salt.
For development projects, we use unique construction ideas, based on ergonomics and a hedonistic desire to experience pleasure.
For the convenience and comfort of sailors, our models are equipped with high-quality equipment. Its reliability ensures that sailors spend their time doing what they love the most.

We make sure that each of the new owners on their yacht feel like themselves. Because “being yourself is the most important aspect of freedom” (Jim Morrison).
See which of our models is made for you:


The birth of TES-Yacht

The TES-Yacht company was founded in 1980 by Tomasz Siwik – a sailor, constructor and designer. His dream was to design sailing boats that are functional, ergonomic and, above all, have excellent nautical parameters. The 1980s marked the beginning of the development of the Polish yacht industry, and the TES-Yacht brand has a significant share in it.


TES 590

The year 1981, which ended with the introduction of martial law in Poland, was also the year of the birth of the first yacht from the TES stable – the 590 model. Its creator, Tomasz Siwik, poured his dream of freedom onto an ordinary sheet of checkered paper. This is how the first tourist yacht was created, which was to ensure safety and stability during family cruises. Its interior has been designed for comfortable sailing for a crew of up to 4 people. The yacht was 590 cm long, 250 cm wide, with a displacement of 830 kg and a ballast of 250 kg. It was an extraordinary undertaking at a time when white squall was not the only threat to the sailors.


TES 597

The year 1983 brought the abolition of martial law in the country and the Nobel Peace Prize for Lech Wałęsa. In the same year, TES-YACHT built TES 597 – a comfortable and fast tourist yacht, 597 cm long and 250 cm wide.
When designing it, several innovative solutions were introduced – the retractable stove and the lack of a permanent galley were noteworthy. The unit had 4 sleeping places and a functional interior. The yacht is equipped with a transom stern that facilitates descent into the water.


TES 650

The year ’84 was still a time full of anxiety. Nevertheless, the TES-YACHT company, full of hope for a better future, brings to life the TES 650 project – a comfortable family yacht, 695 cm long and 250 cm wide. The yacht was designed for longer cruises on the Great Masurian Lakes. The unit had 5 sleeping places and a functional interior, including a spacious galley.


TES 695

In the same year, “Sexmission,” directed by Juliusz Machulski, has its premiere.
And at the shipyard in Drzewica, the TES 650 is being built – a comfortable tourist yacht, which, thanks to the elongation of the hull compared to the TES 650 model, has gained significantly in speed. This model had a spacious cabin and could easily accommodate a 5-person crew, which made it a very desirable yacht on Masurian sailing cruises. The yacht was 695 cm long and 250 cm wide, 250 cm wide, with a displacement of 1280 kg, with a ballast of 250 kg.


TES 660

The year ’85 will be written in history under the slogan of the successes of Polish Himalayan mountaineering. It was then that Andrzej Czok and Jerzy Kukuczka made their first winter ascent to Dhaulagiri (8167 m) in the Himalayas. At the same time, Tomasz Siwik climbed to the heights of creativity by designing the TES 660. It was another, improved, comfortable tourist yacht, 660 cm long and 250 cm wide. Thanks to the solutions used, the yacht was fast, easy to steer, and at the same time very functional. Inside there are 5 berths for the crew. The yacht had a comfortable galley with a stove and sink, a wardrobe and spacious lockers.


TES 660 RT

In 1990, it blew free – Checkpoint Charlie, the former border crossing between West and East Berlin, one of the most notorious symbols of the Cold War, was closed in Berlin, and in Poland, the first fully democratic, free local elections took place in 1945. At that time, another TES-YACHT model was created – TES 660 RT. It was a comfortable and easy to steer yacht designed for family tourism. It had a functional interior that was to meet the expectations of every family trip.



In 1995, Marek Kamiński reached the South Pole. He was the first man to reach both Earth’s poles in one year. In the same year, the first metro line was launched in Warsaw, and the Yahoo! website launched its operations. A lot has happened! The OPTIMA 22 yacht was also built, which, due to the solutions used inside the cabin, was an attractive proposition for charter companies. The yacht was 690 cm long and 250 cm wide. There were 3 permanent berths in the cabin and an additional fold-out couch in the wardroom. It had an ergonomically designed interior based on well-proven solutions. The unit had a displacement of 1,300 kg, with a ballast of 300 kg.



It was the year in which we said goodbye to outstanding artists, wonderful free spirits of Polish culture and art – Agnieszka Osiecka and Piotr Skrzynecki. Whoever remembers knows.
And Drzewica gave birth to Fortuna 23 – a yacht for those who want to sail, although cannot afford the luxury of owning their own sailing boat. The yacht was safe, maneuverable and practical. It was created with charter cruises in mind and has become one of the favorites of Masurian sailors.
The following years brought new models and numerous awards …


TES 550 Master

On March 30, 1998, Poland began negotiations in Brussels on joining the European Union, and at the “Yacht for You” Fair, TES 550 Master won the first Audience Award for the Shipyard.



This summer, for the first time in the history of Poland, our country was visited by Their Imperial Highnesses from the Land of the Rising Sun. And at the Boatshow 2002 fair in Łódź, TES 32 DREAMER celebrated triumphs, winning the hearts and the audience award. Until today, this yacht is considered to be one of the most beautiful boats designed in Poland.



2008 marks 25 years since Lech Wałęsa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. First celebration at the shipyard – right after the premiere, the TES 28 MAGNAM yacht is awarded the ‘Gwóźdź Targów Wiatr i Woda’



The National Stadium is not only about matches and great concerts. In 2016, 61 delegations from around the world met as part of the NATO Summit in Warsaw. And on the water appeared the first of TES motor yachts – ILUMINATUS, absolutely unique with a unique line and amazing solutions.


TES 246 Versus

In 2017, our ‘flagship’ TES 246 Versus won the main prize in the 2017 Sailing Yacht category at the Masurian Water Sports Fair, and the founder of TES-Yacht became the Yacht Constructor of the Year! There were no major events for us.